Aroma Therapy

Love Peace Joy

What more could you want?
Introducing a range of lovely natural products, using pure essential oils and plant ingredients, no additives or allergenic constituents

Love rose geranium, lavender rose, neroli, jasmine, rosewood
Peace sandalwood, neroli, patchouli, clary sage, petitgrain, benzoin
Joy lemon verbena, basil, mandarin, cape snowbush

ALSO: Gerl, Man, Bliss, Sleep, all with essential oils which do what they say.

Hand and Body Cream
Made with pure sweet almond oil, jojoba oil and the finest quality pure essential oils....Easily absorbed through the skin, giving you a lovely aromatherapy treatment! Use on your face for a nourishing night cream.

Essential Oil Spray
Made with pure spring water and pure essential oils. Shake well and spray everywhere: on your face, clothes, linen, in your car. Use it wherever you are for a refreshing and balancing treatment.

Hand and Body Wash
Made with palm oil emulsion and pure essential oils... for bath or shower, pure enough to use as a shampoo. Convenient for travelling or gym.

BODY BUTTER: the first in this range of lovely rich cream with shea butter is for winter: ginger and citrus oils combined with cedarwood make it irresistable.

Aroma Therapy