Bed Linen

Duvet cover detail Take a look at the picture of the duvet cover for the detail which we have made our own...
oxford flaps, stitched down on the edge to keep it from flopping, pintucks (using two needles) as the detail, or beautiful satin-stitching with thread which matches your scheme.
Mother-of-pearl buttons to close the duvet are placed on a panel about 60cms from the top of the duvet cover, so the decorative panel (pintucked or embroidered) lies just below the edge of  your pillows on the bed… just like an old-fashioned sheet turnover. This means that your duvet will not poke out of the bottom of your cover and making the bed has never been this easy.

Below is an example of a complete set of embroided LINENS, with the 'Leaves' design.

Duvet covers